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Rush 'n' Roulette


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Mercury Records
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1. Tom Sawyer   Show lyrics
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2. Closer to the Heart   Show lyrics
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3. A Passage To Bangkok   Show lyrics
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4. The Spirit of Radio   Show lyrics
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5. Red Barchetta   Show lyrics
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6. The Trees   Show lyrics
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Geddy Lee Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
Alex Lifeson Guitars
Neil Peart Drums
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Sleeve notes:

Featuring excerpts of 6 tracks taken from Rush's platinum-plus album "Exit Stage Left"

Why Rush 'n' Roulette? Simply place your tone arm on the edge of this record as you would normally do, and when you let Rush 'n' Roulette spin there's an equal chance that any of the six featured Rush songs will be heard. This is a unique mastering process causing a completely random song occurence. In other words, "We have assumed control".
Let it spin and enjoy the music.

Printed in the U.S.A.

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