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Runemagick > Dark Live Magick
Runemagick - Dark Live Magick
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Dark Live Magick


Live album
Release date:
Catalog ID:
Blood 002
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Bloodstone Entertainment
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
300 copies
None yet
Side A - Dark
1. Celebration of Death (intro) 01:18  
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2. Hymn of Darkness 00:48  
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3. Dark Necroshadows 03:35   Show lyrics
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4. Death Collector 03:51   Show lyrics
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5. Return of the Reaper 04:41   Show lyrics
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6. Dreamvoid Serpent 04:17   Show lyrics
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7. Reborn in Necromancy 05:27   Show lyrics
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Side B - Magick
8. Curse of the Dark Rune 03:52   Show lyrics
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9. Dethrone the Flesh 05:09   Show lyrics
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10. When Death Is the Key 05:13   Show lyrics
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11. Lord of the Grave 05:49   Show lyrics
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12. Hail Death 04:37   Show lyrics
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Band members
Nicklas Terror Rudolfsson Vocals, Guitars
Emma Karlsson Bass
Daniel Moilanen Drums
Fredrik Johnsson Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Kent "Potskull" Ekström Recording, Mixing
Karin Blomqvist Photography
Kent "Potskull" Ekström Recording, Mixing
Karin Blomqvist Photography
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Hand-numbered copies.

Recording information:

Recorded live during a small private (unofficial) party gig in Ljungskile, Sweden Feb-2001.
"Lord of the Grave" and "Hail Death" are studio demo recordings.

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