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Passage to Arcturo

Rotting Christ

Release date:
May 1991
Catalog ID:
DEC 003 / WOR 041
Decapitated Records
12" vinyl
3 reviews (avg. 74%)
Side A
1. Intro - Ach Golgotha 01:08   instrumental
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2. The Old Coffin Spirit 04:52   Show lyrics
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3. The Forest of N'Gai 05:50   Show lyrics
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Side B
4. The Mystical Meeting (Dog Spleh Esoth Sevlesmeth) 04:36   Show lyrics
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5. Gloria de Domino Inferni 01:37   Show lyrics
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6. Inside the Eye of Algond 05:58   Show lyrics
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Necrosavron Drums
Morbid Keyboards, Piano
Necromayhem Guitars, Vocals
Mutilator Bass, Vocals (backing), Lyrics
Read Give us the gift of gloom 70% autothrall July 1st, 2011
Read Black clouds rain death in... 78% Byrgan July 2nd, 2010
Read The Old Coffin Spirit... 74% CannibalCorpse February 18th, 2006

The first version came with a gatefold cover. The second version came with a standard cover.

The 4th track is sometimes spelled "The Mystical Meeting (Sevlesmeth Esoth Spleh Dog)". The oldest spelling is the one already on the page.

Reissued in 1994 by Hellion Records on 12" vinyl with the 1993 cover and the live tracks.

Re-released in 2006 as a MCD on Unruly Sounds with three added bonus tracks, but omits the intro and the two live tracks.

6. The Nereid of Esgalduin (Dawn of the Iconoclast 7" EP) - (3:52)
7. Vicious Joy and Black Delight (Dawn of the Iconoclast 7" EP) - (4:19)
8. Feast of the Grand Whore (Satanas Tedum Demo) - (3:16)

Re-released by Nuclear Winter Records in January 2012 on professionaly printed tapes, limited to 300 copies.
Repressed in March 2013 on smokey transparent tapes, limited to 50 copies.

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