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Rossomahaar > The Sanguine Live in Terror
Rossomahaar - The Sanguine Live in Terror
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The Sanguine Live in Terror


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Soundage Productions
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1. Me, the Misanthrope   Show lyrics
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2. The Moon, the Sun, the Stars   Show lyrics
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3. Tha Fragile Shades of Grey  
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4. What's Your Universe Built Upon   Show lyrics
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5. Moscow - The Sanguine Reign of Terror   Show lyrics
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6. Elemental Architecture   Show lyrics
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7. Praising the Departure of Spiritual Strength   Show lyrics
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8. The Spectral Prophecy   Show lyrics
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9. Blind Eye and Muted Mind   Show lyrics
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10. Красота должна умереть  
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11. God #6   Show lyrics
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12. Crescent Moon (The Final Celebration)   Show lyrics
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13. Священная война  
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14. ...of Shadowy Exaltation (When Night Blackens with Storm)   Show lyrics
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15. Imperium Tenebraum   Show lyrics
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16. Я не верю в анархию  
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W. Smerdulak Artwork
W. Smerdulak Artwork
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Recording information:

Recorded live at the Relax Club in October 8, 2006.

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