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Trials of Torment


Release date:
March 26th, 1993
Catalog ID:
Massacre Records
2 reviews (avg. 85%)
1. She Rides the Sky 05:03   Show lyrics
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2. Where I Belong 05:44   Show lyrics
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3. Espionage 04:52   Show lyrics
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4. Addicted to Fear 04:50   Show lyrics
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5. The Forgotten 05:36   Show lyrics
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6. Pain of It All 04:48   Show lyrics
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7. In the Dungeon 05:53   Show lyrics
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8. Dementia 03:23   Show lyrics
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9. Obscured by Twilight 06:29   Show lyrics
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10. City of the Dead 04:22   Show lyrics
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Band members
Bob Allerton Guitars
Juan Ricardo Vocals
Jack Kilcoyne Bass
Emery Ceo Drums
Mike Ruzsbanszki Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Torsten Hartmann Producer
Gerhard Magin Engineering, Mixing
Torsten Hartmann Producer
Gerhard Magin Engineering, Mixing
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Several songs were originally recorded by Torment in 1991, after Juan Ricardo joined the band. However "She Rides the Sky", "City of the Dead", and "Addicted to Fear" both pre-date this era, being sung by original Torment singer John Marshall as early as 1989, although "Addicted to Fear", and "City of the Dead", while musically identical, had different lyrics and titles, "Addicted..." originally called "A Coming Storm" and "City..." originally called "The Trails to Madness".

The band originally intended the album to include 2 other songs written by Torment with Juan in 1991, "The Return of The Thousand Year Reich", and "Relapse of Aggression". With the band being brought to Germany to record the album the German label refused to release the songs, "The Return..." due to its controversial subject matter, dealing with Adolf Hitler being resurrected and taking over the world, including a section of "Seig Heil" group vocals. Ricardo described the song before a 1991 Torment performance as "what happens when our worst nightmares come to life". "Relapse...", while not nearly as controversial, did deal with World War II, so it was shelved as well.

Originally "Trials of Torment" was planned to have different artwork, and the original was even printed on a line of T-shirts in 1992 with this art, with a green Ritual logo on top and the words "Trials of Torment" in shattered letters on the back. However, shortly before the release was completed Massacre decided to use different art, and that art remained only used on the shirts until 2006, when the Ritual logo was replaced by a Ritual of Torment logo and it appeared on the cover of the self-titled Ritual of Torment CD.

Official release party was held at Flashes in Cleveland on March 26th, 1993, alongside Twisted Fate and Sacrifix.

Recording information:

Recorded at F.M. Studios, Frankenthal, Germany in August 1992.


Barcode: 4013971100118

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