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Rise and Shine > Ghosts of the Past
Rise and Shine - Ghosts of the Past
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Ghosts of the Past

Rise and Shine

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1. A 100 Days Closer to Death 03:46  
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2. I Can Love You Better than Anyone 03:34  
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3. Winterday 04:54  
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4. Break the Chains of Time 03:41  
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5. My Day of Tomorrow 05:00  
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6. Enas eht fo Yrotciv 00:20  
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7. Ghosts of the Past 07:25  
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8. Untitled 05:21  
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9. Victory of the Sane 06:42  
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10. Mother 03:50  
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Dennis Pålsson Bass
Magnus Rydman Drums
Joakim Knutsson Guitars, Organ
Josabeth Leidi Vocals, Guitars (acoustic), Flute
Jonas Mattsson Guitars
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