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From Prison Hell


Release date:
April 1st, 2011
Catalog ID:
OGCP 005
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Old Goat Corpse Productions
80 copies
None yet
Side A - Death
1. Rain of Bombs   instrumental
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2. Vomiting Blood  
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3. Dark Light  
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4. Terror Streets  
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5. People Kill the People  
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6. From the Past Comes the Storms (Sepultura cover)   Show lyrics
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Side B - Thrash
7. Agony  
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8. Await Your Death  
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9. The Last Day  
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10. Demoniac Souls (Intro)*  
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11. Vomiting Blood*  
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12. Rain of Bombs*   instrumental
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13. Terror Streets*  
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Issued in a Pro-tape with professional J-card.

Consists of the 2009 & 2010 demos + add. bonus tracks.

Cover artwork by Mohd Fauzi Bin Ali,
Cover front photo taken by Euqataoyuy, on Cementerio General (Santiago)

(*) Bonus Tracks: - Rehearsal 2008, Never released. (Recorded on a "VT Tape Recorder")

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