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Riger > Des Blutes Stimme
Riger - Des Blutes Stimme
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Des Blutes Stimme


Release date:
Catalog ID:
CCP 100238-2
Version desc.:
Limited edition, Digipak
CCP Records
None yet
1. Des Blutes Stimme 05:14   Show lyrics
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2. Irminsul 05:55   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
3. Auf die Ahnen! 05:05   Show lyrics
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4. Wjerewulf 05:20   Show lyrics
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5. Homo Decadencia 06:00   Show lyrics
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6. Im Graun der N├Ąchte 04:27   Show lyrics
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7. Teutonenzorn 04:47   Show lyrics
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8. Woutes Heer 04:14   Show lyrics
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9. Im Gedenken... 05:37   Show lyrics
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Janko Jentsch Bass
Nicola Jahn Guitars (rhythm)
Ingo Tauer Vocals
Stefan Schieck Drums
Peter Patzelt Guitars (lead)
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Translates from German to English:

Track 1: The Voice of Blood
Track 3: To the Ancestors!
Track 6: In the Horror of the Nights
Track 7: Teutonic Anger
Track 8: Woutes Army
Track 9: In Memory...

Lyrics: Ingo Tauer
Artwork and Layout: Ingo Tauer
Music from Track 9: Stefan Schieck

Recording information:

Recorded in CCP-Studio Linz / Austria

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