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Reverorum ib Malacht > Demo 09
Reverorum ib Malacht - Demo 09
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Demo 09

Reverorum ib Malacht

Release date:
January 11th, 2009
Catalog ID:
None yet
Side A
1. 1 Antiquius celo et Chao 03:26  
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2. 2 Järtecken om Christi lekamen/Laus Domini 06:34  
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3. 8 De Beneficia in Populum (Deut. 32, 1-12) 06:32  
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4. 5 01:44  
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5. 9 Maiestas Domini et Dignitas Hominis 06:34  
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6. 3 Rehearsal Doom 06:04  
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7. Af Cella 06:27  
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Side B
8. 10 31:00  
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Karl Hieronymus Emil Lundin Drums, Vocals, Ambient
Nicklas Johan Lingvall Guitars, Bass
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The CD reissue of Demo 09 by Darker than Black Records includes the following statement:
"Released in N.'s vision without the consent of E. Only giving back what has been given. N. wishes to state that His tones are the opposite of what lies within the words of this recording. Music created with Evil in heart."

Without the consent of both members, the authenticity of both CD and LP editions should be held as speculative.

Recording information:

Recorded 5-10 Jan. 2009 at studio medeltiden
drums at Gräll (Zoom 2H)

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