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Reverend Bizarre > You Shall Suffer!
Reverend Bizarre - You Shall Suffer!
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You Shall Suffer!

Reverend Bizarre

Release date:
March 2003
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
CD-R, Limited edition
33 copies
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1. Demons Annoying Me 17:56   Show lyrics
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A CD-R containing the full version of the song "Demons Annoying Me" Reverend Bizarre recorded for their 12" split with Orodruin. This version has first-take demo vocals.

Wrapped in handmade sleeves and strictly limited to 33 autographed copies. Sold exclusively on the You Shall Suffer! Tour at three gigs, ten copies a night. The last ten copies came with a sample of Albert's hair, and the very last one included an actual x-ray image of his skull.

Song is inspired by Demons Teasing Me (1895), a painting by the Belgian avant-garde artist James Ensor, and Albert's divorce.

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