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Regulator > Morbid Perversions
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Morbid Perversions


Release date:
October 30th, 2012
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Precursor of Hate / Chainsaw Lobotomy 04:15   Show lyrics
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2. Burnt Beyond Recognition 2012 02:14   Show lyrics
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3. Assisted Suicide 04:01   Show lyrics
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4. Morbid Perversions 05:37   Show lyrics
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5. Bloated Carcass Incubator 03:23   Show lyrics
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6. Disfiguring the Decrepit 02:59   instrumental
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7. Failed Experiment 2012 05:08  
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8. The Summoning 2012 03:58  
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9. Something in the Swamp 02:12  
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10. Conceived Through Rape 02:41  
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11. Proclamation of Hatred 00:29  
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12. Necessary Evil 07:51  
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Band members
Rash Adams Bass
Simon Koch Guitars
Brandon "Black Metal" Simmons Vocals, Violin
Christopher Land Drums
Barrett Whittle Vocals (track 7)
Miscellaneous staff
Luke Koontz Recording
Barrett Whittle Vocals (track 7)
Luke Koontz Recording
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Recording information:

Recorded in Jackson, Missouri in June of 2012.

All music and lyrics by Simon Koch and Rash Adams except for Necessary Evil, lyrics by Brandon "Black Metal" Simmons.

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