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Rectal Smegma / Mixomatosis

Mixomatosis / Rectal Smegma

Release date:
August 31st, 2019
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Clear, Lathe Cut
Infecció Underground Produccions
7" vinyl
50 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Rectal Smegma - De Pedofiele Pater  
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2. Rectal Smegma - Bofty Grinder  
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3. Rectal Smegma - 2 Girls One Cupcake  
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Side B
4. Mixomatosis - Matanza Por Napalm  
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5. Mixomatosis - Crímenes En Las Calles  
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6. Mixomatosis - Resto Humano En La Estación  
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7. Mixomatosis - Dos Caras De Falsedad  
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8. Mixomatosis - Amordazados Y Atados  
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9. Mixomatosis - Hedor A Podrido  
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David Drums
Marc Cabildo Vocals
Gaspar Bass
Rectal Smegma
Walter Drums
Yannic Vocals
Jimmy Voogt Guitars
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Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies, first 15 with patch.

Recording information:

Rectal Smegma recorded live at Carnage Feast fest. September 2014 (Switzerland).
Mixomatosis recorded during November / December 2018 at Infecció and Base Record Studies.

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