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Raven > Wiped Out
Raven - Wiped Out
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Wiped Out


Release date:
June 3rd, 1982
Catalog ID:
NEAT 1004
Neat Records
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
6 reviews (avg. 96%)
Side A
1. Faster than the Speed of Light 04:22   Show lyrics
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2. Bring the Hammer Down 04:19   Show lyrics
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3. Fire Power 03:08   Show lyrics
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4. Read All About It 03:01   Show lyrics
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5. To the Limit / To the Top 07:54   Show lyrics
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6. Battle Zone 03:34   Show lyrics
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Side B
7. Live at the Inferno 03:54   Show lyrics
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8. Star War 05:35   Show lyrics
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9. UXB 03:25   Show lyrics
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10. 20/21 01:36   instrumental
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11. Hold Back the Fire 05:40   Show lyrics
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12. Chainsaw 05:17   Show lyrics
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Band members
John Gallagher Bass, Vocals (lead)
Mark Gallagher Guitars, Vocals
Rob Hunter Drums, Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Keith Nichol Engineering, Producer
John Gallagher Bass, Vocals (lead)
Mark Gallagher Guitars, Vocals
Rob Hunter Drums, Vocals
Keith Nichol Engineering, Producer
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"Live at the Inferno" is about Newcastle music venue, The Mayfair. The title was later used for Raven's first live album.

European CD version with one bonus track "Crash Bang Wallop" exists (Neat Records/Roadrunner Productions 1982 - Matrixnumber RC 9386 2).

Remastered in 2002 with the following bonus tracks:
13. Crash Bang Wallop - 03:03
14. Run Them Down - 03:00
15. Hard Rock - 03:08
16. 20/21 (Outtake) - 01:44

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed together with "Crash Bang Wallop", during a 7-day session at Impulse Studios, Newcastle.

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