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Rampage > This End Up
Rampage - This End Up
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This End Up


Release date:
October 31st, 1998
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Unsung Heroes Records
None yet
1. Bloody Leg 03:28   Show lyrics
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2. Born in Hell 03:02   Show lyrics
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3. Ticket to Hell 03:02   Show lyrics
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4. Satanic Symphony 04:20   instrumental
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5. Satanic Death 03:37   Show lyrics
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6. Heaven's Gate 03:59   Show lyrics
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7. The Spectre 06:21   Show lyrics
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8. Rampage 03:55   Show lyrics
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9. The Gates of the Abyss 04:58   Show lyrics
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10. Six Bells at Midnight 05:25   Show lyrics
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11. Eye of the HellStorm (Disjecta Membra cover) 05:29  
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12. Jailhouse Rock '98 (The Emperor Mix) 02:47   Show lyrics
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13. Witches' Sabbath/XXX (Nasty Savage cover) 06:00  
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Lord Vic Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
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Satanic old-school death/thrash/black metal.

This album (minus cover songs) is available on UHR's Internet Archive download site.

Original CDR versions of this album had fake members credited for drums, bass, and rhythm guitar.

Recording information:

Recorded May-October 1998 in Bloody Leg Studios, Stockbridge GA (USA).


CDR Catalog No.: UHR666

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