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Ramesses > Chrome Pineal
Ramesses - Chrome Pineal

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Chrome Pineal


Release date:
May 16th, 2011
Catalog ID:
Ritual Productions
12" vinyl
500 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Chrome Pineal 09:18   instrumental
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2. Blazoned Fauna 06:21  
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3. Men of Horror 05:01  
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Side B
4. The Tomb (live) 04:52  
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5. Before the Jackals (live) 06:18  
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6. Black Domina (live) 07:58  
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Artwork by French surrealist Clovis Trouille.

Ten-minute 1960s style exploration recorded during the "Take the Curse" (Full-length, 2010) sessions.

Recording information:

Including a poster.

First 150 copies come with an art card.

Tracks A1-A3 recorded at Stevens Farm Studios in August 2010.
Vokills and keys recorded at XL Studios in January 2011.
Mixed and mastered at Sunnyside Studios in February 2011.
Psychedelic Noise and Samples mixed at Grimtone Studio in June 2009.
Tracks B1-B3 recorded live at Loppen Christiania, Kopenhagen in September 2007.

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