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Rabbit's Carrot > Devouring Death
Rabbit's Carrot - Devouring Death
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Devouring Death

Rabbit's Carrot

Release date:
October 20th, 1990
Catalog ID:
None yet
Side A
1. Devouring Death 04:45   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
2. Fracture 05:07   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
3. Lost in Gore 04:46   Show lyrics
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Side B
4. Evidence of Christianity 04:41   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
5. Sacrifice the Skull 06:06  
  (loading lyrics...)
Band members
Ole "Froggy" Drums
Willy Guitars
KJ Vocals, Bass
Gille Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Jocke Winkler Producer, Mixing
Ole "Froggy" Drums
Willy Guitars
KJ Vocals, Bass
Gille Guitars
Jocke Winkler Producer, Mixing
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Cover art "Rosa Celeste" by Gustave Doré. Original illustration for the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri.

The same illustration has also been used by Ominous and Mitochondrion.

Demo comes with lyric sheet.

Additional Information: Track #3 which was recorded live in Skee Bygdegard Sweden 27/10/90.

Extra Additional Information: Apparently, some versions include a 5th track called "Sacrifice the Skull".

Some versions of the demo do not include an "Intro" as stated on the demo cover.

Recording information:

Recorded in 18th-20th October 1990 at Strömstad Studion

Produced and mixed by Jocke Winkler.

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