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Video: Mindcrime


Release date:
September 26th, 1989
Catalog ID:
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1. I Remember Now   Show lyrics
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2. Anarchy-X   instrumental
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3. Revolution Calling   Show lyrics
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4. Operation: Mindcrime   Show lyrics
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5. Speak   Show lyrics
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6. Breaking the Silence   Show lyrics
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7. I Don't Believe in Love   Show lyrics
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8. Waiting for 22   instrumental
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9. Eyes of a Stranger   Show lyrics
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Geoff Tate Vocals
Michael Wilton Guitars
Chris DeGarmo Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Eddie Jackson Bass
Scott Rockenfield Drums
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Not to be confused with the Operation: Livecrime video.

Also released on Laserdisc in Japan (Toshiba).

Also released on DVD in a boxed set in 2006. This box also contains the remastered Operation: Mindcrime and a previously unreleased live CD, recorded at The Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 11/15/90.

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