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Psychotic Waltz > Psychotic Waltz
Psychotic Waltz - Psychotic Waltz
Psychotic Waltz discography (all)
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Psychotic Waltz

Psychotic Waltz

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Side A
1. And the Devil Cried 05:44   Show lyrics
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2. Successor 04:09   Show lyrics
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Side B
3. Halo of Thorns 05:28   Show lyrics
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4. I of the Storm 04:35   Show lyrics
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After discovering another band named Aslan, the band needed a name change. A friend described one of the new songs as sounding like some kind of a "psychotic waltz".

The band loved the phrase and named the song after it. "We loved it so much we named the band after it!".

The new demo, recorded in 1988, went in a much heavier direction than Aslan did. Playing with weird meters & tempos, double tracking and sonic sculpturing.

This is the demo that attracted the attention of German magazines, and ultimately led to the next release, and debut at Holland's famous Dynamo Festival in 1991.

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