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Psycho Killer > Hunt in a Kindergaten
Psycho Killer - Hunt in a Kindergaten
Psycho Killer discography (all)
Harmonious Split

Hunt in a Kindergaten

Psycho Killer

Release date:
August 2010
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Limbogrind Productions
100 copies
None yet
1. Psycho 01:11  
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2. 惊吓过度 00:40  
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3. I Shot the Brothertao 00:53  
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4. 稳定压倒一切 01:21  
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5. Brutal 00:05  
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6. Not Bad 01:49  
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7. Maria Is a Little Girl 01:43  
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8. Go to the Kindergarten (As a Chinese, You Shall Understand) 02:19  
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9. 追砍 00:29  
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10. 小明快跑 01:19  
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11. 监禁 01:51  
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12. Evil 02:58  
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Psycho.S Everything
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Hand-numbered copies.

There is a spelling error ("Kindergarten" - "Kindergaten") for the album title. However, this is what is actually printed on the cover.

Tracklist translation:
2. Terribly Shocked
4. Stability Overtakes All
9. Chase with an Axe
10. Run, Xiaoming!
11. Imprisonment

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