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Songs from the Black Hole


Release date:
March 25th, 2015
Catalog ID:
SPV 268172 CD
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1. Doomsday (Discharge cover) 02:44   Show lyrics
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2. Vision Thing (The Sisters of Mercy cover) 04:43   Show lyrics
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3. Goofy's Concern (Butthole Surfers cover) 02:43   Show lyrics
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4. Kids of the Black Hole (Adolescents cover) 05:29   Show lyrics
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5. Bars (Black Flag cover) 04:18   Show lyrics
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6. Seeing Red (Killing Joke cover) 06:19   Show lyrics
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7. Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely (Hüsker Dü cover) 03:32   Show lyrics
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8. Give Me the Cure (Fugazi cover) 03:08   Show lyrics
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9. Banned in D.C. (Bad Brains cover) 02:21   Show lyrics
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10. Cortez the Killer (Neil Young cover) 06:52   Show lyrics
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Band members
Tommy Victor Vocals, Guitar
Jason Christopher Bass
Arturo "Art" Cruz Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Tommy Victor Producer
Tommy Victor Producer
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Barcode: 0886922681721
Label Code: LC 09002
Matrix / Runout: 56039358/268172 21

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