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Profanity > Zombie Ritual (2014)
Profanity - Zombie Ritual (2014)

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Hatred Hell Within

Zombie Ritual (2014)


Release date:
June 10th, 2014
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Version desc.:
None yet
1. Zombie Ritual (2014) 04:56  
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"To shorten the time until the next release "Hatred Hell Within", we have decided to release Zombie Ritual in a new Profanity version, Zombie Ritual (2014).

This song accompanies us now for about fourteen years, and in almost every band practice we start with this song. Since we record all our instruments for "Hatred Hell Within" at home, we also began with this song again, to make us familiar with the recording tools. That means, "Zombie Ritual (2014)" was not professionally mixed or mastered. It is a rough mix done by ourselves.

We have changed the song and thus there are now new songs parts, guitar solos, choirs and blast beats that do not occur in the original of Death. This is among other things also a reason for us to release the song again.

Another reason is, this song is just "Death Metal" and our tribute to Chuck and Death ..... let the metal flow."

Recording information:

Recorded in 2014.

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