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Prelude to the Dark Side (1991 - 1995)

Profane Creation

Release date:
November 20th, 2013
Catalog ID:
HOD CD 035
Hammer of Damnation
None yet
1. Lost Souls (Live 1995) 03:58   Show lyrics
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2. Alone in the Abyss (1994) 03:43   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
3. The Cross of the Deads (Reh. 1993) 05:07   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
4. The Evil Survive (Reh. 1993) 04:28  
  (loading lyrics...)
5. Fuck the Christian God (Reh. 1993) 07:00  
  (loading lyrics...)
6. Lost Souls (old version - Reh. 1993) 03:55  
  (loading lyrics...)
7. Profane Creation (Reh. 1993) 07:18  
  (loading lyrics...)
8. Slaves of Satan (Reh. 1993) 07:14  
  (loading lyrics...)
9. The Under Worlds (Submerged Worlds) (Reh. 1993) 05:53  
  (loading lyrics...)
10. Supremacy (Live 1995) 07:28  
  (loading lyrics...)
11. No Mercy (1993) 02:27   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
12. Lamentation (1995) 04:27  
  (loading lyrics...)
13. War (Advance 2006) 03:44  
  (loading lyrics...)
14. Heretic (Advance 2006) 05:21  
  (loading lyrics...)
15. Evil Always Wins (Advance 2006) 04:35  
  (loading lyrics...)
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Profane Craetion was born in 1991 with the purpose of executing a Black Death
Metal, in that time the band was formed by: Ciro (Vocal) / Rochester (Guitar) / Hilário (Bass) and Rogers (Drums).
They make its live first presentation in june of 1992 and little time then, in april
of 93, they record the first demo called "Into the dark side", not very later
Hilário leaves the band due to personal reasons, after several attempts to add a new
member to substitute him without sucess, Profane Creation decides to proceed
ahead a trio, making some presentations with that line up, the following years they
record the demo "Supremacy" which it was very well accepted in worldwide
Underground Metal scene, near to 1.500 copies were distributed between 94 - 96.

With a song "Alone in the abyss" from "Supremacy" demo they participated in the
comp. CD "Winds of a new millenium".

And also with this demo they got the proposital to release a split CD, which would be
Released by a Brazilian label, due to a lot of factor this work cannot be released and
The content of the CD was released as new demo "In name of supreme black arts... Nema", passed some months they got a proposal from the release of this demo
In a new split CD together with the band Inquisition, at this time by a Colombian
Label called Sylphorium records, this split was released in begining 1997 getting to
Bring good fruits to the band, however due to problems with Brazilian laws (Due to
extreme blasphemic content the lyrics the band waslawsuited for apology of
Satanism, what is prohibited in Brazil) Profane Creation need to stop the activities
momentarily could only come back in the middle of 1998.

The current music of Profane Craetion are more returned to the roots of its origin,
Black Death Metal of 80'.


Barcode: 7 892860 226590

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