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Primeval Mass / Iasma > Transcendence
Primeval Mass / Iasma - Transcendence
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Primeval Mass / Iasma

Release date:
September 2013
Catalog ID:
KR 004
Version desc.:
Limited edition, Gold pro-tape
Katoptron IX Records
120 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Primeval Mass - Incubation 02:29   instrumental
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2. Primeval Mass - Rites of Transcendence 05:59  
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3. Primeval Mass - Adostiis Microcosmus 04:03  
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4. Primeval Mass - Werewolves on the Hunt (Stormwitch cover) 04:03  
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Side B
5. Iasma - Intro 01:50   instrumental
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6. Iasma - The Firmament of Fire 03:37  
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7. Iasma - Into the Mirrors of Infinity 04:19  
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8. Iasma - Transcendence 05:16  
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Primeval Mass
Orth Bass, Vocals, Guitars (lead), Guitars (rhythm)
Alex Zachos Drums
Thod Bass, Vocals
Lethaemon Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
K.Iakchos Drums
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Recording information:

Primeval Mass' side includes the tracks from "Rites of Transcendence" promotional single plus "Incubation" and Stormwitch's "Werewolves on the Hunt" cover. Both also from "Blood Breathing Idols" recording sessions.

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