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Release date:
July 19th, 2010
Catalog ID:
NC02 / GDR020
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Nerdcore Records
100 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Deluge  
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2. Forgiveness to Tyrants  
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3. Mollusk King   instrumental
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4. Fist of the Ocean  
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5. Totenschiff  
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6. The Curse of All Things Drowned  
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7. Narrows  
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8. The Harpooner's Divide  
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9. A Sunken City  
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10. Of Tides and Bearing (Pt.I / The End)  
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Side B
11. Siren (Pt.II / The Beginning)  
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12. Beneath  
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13. The Sea Shall Not Have Them (a.k.a. Nautic Express)  
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14. Debonair (The Afghan Whigs cover)  
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15. Beneath [Demo]  
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16. Fists of the Ocean [Demo]  
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17. A Sunken City [Demo]  
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18. The Curse of All Things Drowned [Demo]  
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19. Here's to Prophets of Stasis  
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Co-released by Gafas Del Rigor Cassettes and Nerdcore Records.

50 on black
50 on white

The tape assembles everything recorded until 2009:
Tracks 1-8 taken from the "Planks", 2008 (Narshardaa, 12")
Tracks 9-11 taken from the "Tombs / Planks" split, 2008
Tracks 12-14 taken from the "Single Club", 2009 (Narshardaa, 7")
Tracks 15-18 taken from "Demo", 2007
Tracks 19 is an exclusive version that will appear nowhere else but on this tape, recorded by Lari Eiden at Lunar City Studio, end of 2009. It's only roughly mixed and not mastered. It was later released on a split 7" with Narsaak.

The same content (tracks 15 and 19 are swapped) has also been released on CD entitled "Left us as Ghosts" by Ecocentric Records in 2012.

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