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New God


Release date:
March 2nd, 1997
Catalog ID:
Art 004-4
Artaria Records
None yet
Side A
1. Change and Out 03:42   Show lyrics
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2. New God 04:42   Show lyrics
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3. With the Future Doubtful 04:40   Show lyrics
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Side B
4. Persecution 04:40   Show lyrics
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5. Get Up 04:37   Show lyrics
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6. Beyond 04:29   Show lyrics
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Produced by Pirosaint & Mariano Pavez
Front cover by Jose Jara
Art work by Jose Jara
Pirosaint Logo by Jose Jara
All tracks composed by Alfredo V., Rodrigo T. & Ignacio O. except "With the future doubtful" by Alfredo V. & Ignacio O.
All songs arranged by Alfredo V & Ignacio O.
All Lyrics by Gonzalo "Tucan" Rodriguez.

Recording information:

Recorded & Mixed at H.Y.T. Studios Stgo. Chile
Masterization at Konstantinopla Studios Stgo. Chile

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