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Piel de Cadaver > 3 Ways to Take Care of a Girl
Piel de Cadaver - 3 Ways to Take Care of a Girl
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3 Ways to Take Care of a Girl

Piel de Cadaver / Dismembered Pig / Big Cock

Release date:
December 2010
Catalog ID:
Deus Mortuus Productions
None yet
1. Dismembered Pig - Asfixiando a Mi Mujer Prenada  
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2. Dismembered Pig - La Birria de Don Lupe  
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3. Dismembered Pig - Artes Anales  
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4. Dismembered Pig - Rosa la Rasposa  
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5. Dismembered Pig - Vayanse a la Verga  
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6. Piel de Cadaver - Goregurgitacion Necrotica  
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7. Piel de Cadaver - Devorando Cuerpos Putrefactos  
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8. Piel de Cadaver - Asesino Torturador (SFU cover)   Show lyrics
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9. Piel de Cadaver - Pilas de Cadaveres Masacrados  
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10. Piel de Cadaver - Organos Derretidos en Acido  
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11. Big Cock - Panties  
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12. Big Cock - Sube Tu Delantal  
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13. Big Cock - Es Mia!!  
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14. Big Cock - La Dedeada  
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15. Big Cock - Un Placer en Mi Carne  
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16. Big Cock - I Will to Fuck You  
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Piel de Cadaver
Vomitor Drums
Arjmathork Guitars
Ricarcass Vocals
Eddie Sorcer Bass
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