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Consuming Impulse


Release date:
December 25th, 1989
Catalog ID:
RCD 9421
R/C Records
22 reviews (avg. 92%)
1. Dehydrated 03:07   Show lyrics
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2. The Process of Suffocation 02:40   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
3. Suspended Animation 03:27   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
4. The Trauma 03:19   Show lyrics
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5. Chronic Infection 03:54   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
6. Out of the Body 04:38   Show lyrics
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7. Echoes of Death 04:14   Show lyrics
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8. Deify Thy Master 04:51   Show lyrics
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9. Proliferous Souls 02:06   instrumental
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10. Reduced to Ashes 04:52   Show lyrics
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Band members
Martin van Drunen Vocals, Bass, Lyrics (tracks 2, 3, 10)
Patrick Uterwijk Guitars (lead)
Patrick Mameli Guitars (lead)
Marco Foddis Drums, Lyrics (tracks 1, 4-8)
Miscellaneous staff
Squeal Artwork
Harris Johns Producer
Ron Kruit Photography
Martin van Drunen Vocals, Bass, Lyrics (tracks 2, 3, 10)
Patrick Uterwijk Guitars (lead)
Patrick Mameli Guitars (lead)
Marco Foddis Drums, Lyrics (tracks 1, 4-8)
Squeal Artwork
Harris Johns Producer
Ron Kruit Photography
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Comes with an 8-page foldout with English lyrics.

The original cover art depicted a group of people eating each other. At the last minute before release, without the band's permission Roadrunner Records, replaced the image much to the band's dismay.

Music video:
- Out of the body

Recording information:

Recorded at Music Lab Studios in Berlin, Germany.


Barcode: 0 16861-9421-2 0
Matrix / Runout: MADE BY DISCTRONICS (H) W.O. 13473-1 RRD9421

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