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Peste Noire > Macabre transcendance...
Peste Noire - Macabre transcendance...
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Phalènes et pestilence - Salvatrice averse
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Mémoire païenne

Macabre transcendance...

Peste Noire

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Drakkar Productions
300 copies
5 reviews (avg. 96%)
1. Intro 01:32  
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2. Le mort joyeux 05:19   Show lyrics
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3. 666 millions d'esclaves et de déchets 07:30  
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4. Spleen 05:39   Show lyrics
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5. J'éjaculerai sur vos décombres fumants 06:08  
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Band members
Neige Drums
Feu Cruel Vocals, Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Fureiss Mastering
Neige Drums
Feu Cruel Vocals, Guitars
Fureiss Mastering
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Lyrics to "Le mort joyeux" and "Spleen" taken from "Les fleurs du mal", a volume of French poetry by the famous 19th-century poet, Charles Baudelaire.

Recording information:

Recorded in a gas chamber during winter 2001-2002.

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