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Perpetual Death - Gravestone
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Perpetual Death

Release date:
February 14th, 2024
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50 copies
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1. Intro - Welcome to Perpetual Death  
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2. Matar a tus dioses  
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3. Nacimiento infernal de Jesus  
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4. Bleeding Christ - Gravestone  
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5. Kill Your Lord's - God's  
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6. El Dios sangrando   instrumental
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7. Evil Birth - Jesus's Darkness  
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8. El grito de sangre  
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9. La menstruaccion - Bleed'  
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10. El grito de Satanas  
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11. War in Another World'...  
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12. Fuck this World...Suicide  
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13. Outro' Naturom De'Monto - Book of the Dead  
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Edwin Bass
Pedro Drums
Kevin Guitars
Efren Guitars
Kelvin Vocals
Ernesto Vocals
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Compilation is first song as intro with Kelvin on Vocals on 1993,
songs,#2,3 and 4 is Ernesto on vocals, recorded live 1992, Aguada,P.R.
songs #5 and 6 are intro and outro for the song- Menstruaccion' in spanish
songs #7,9,12,13,14 are Kelvin on vocals
songs #11 and 12 are Emilio on vocals
song #13 is and outro

*Victor(Vitin): vocals, screams, this is Dedicated to
Vitin, (R.I.P) Brother Will Meet Again... was part of the band 1992 to 1999

Recording information:

Live recording during 1988 to 1999 period. With 3' different vocals
All this songs are taken from old cassette and some from a vhs video and fixed them to digital and recorded on cd.


Barcode: 755491299937

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