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Pecatorium > Beyond the Shadows (Compilation)
Pecatorium - Beyond the Shadows (Compilation)
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Beyond the Shadows (Compilation)


Release date:
January 26th, 2015
Catalog ID:
Pé Preto Legion + Nocturnal Celebration Distro
Version desc.:
Limited edition
100 copies
None yet
1. Apo Pantos Kakodaiamonos (Intro) 00:55   instrumental
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2. In the Pagan Shadows 02:07  
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3. Beyond the Shadows 04:45  
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4. Noctural Frenzies 04:22  
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5. War Legions 04:47  
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6. The Last Dusk (live in Valenca Pi) 03:02  
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7. Intro Apo Pantos Kakodaiamonos (live in Fortaleza Ce) 03:23   instrumental
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8. In the Pagan Shadows (live in Fortaleza Ce) 03:10  
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9. Gods Fall (live in Fortaleza Ce) 04:43  
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10. My Dark Desires (Dark Funeral cover) (live in Fortaleza Ce) 04:07  
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11. The Last Dusk (live in Fortaleza Ce) 03:09  
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12. Nocturnal Frenzies (live in Fortaleza Ce) 05:15  
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13. War Legion (live in Fortaleza Ce) 04:45  
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14. Panzer Division Marduk (Marduk cover) (live in Fortaleza Ce) 02:52   Show lyrics
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Incredulous Bass, Vocals
Maleficarum Drums
Dark Mortem Guitars
Lord Seth Vocals
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