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The Classics - The Maiden Years

Paul Di'Anno

Release date:
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Limited edition
Wild World Productions
150 copies
None yet
1. Wrathchild 02:54   Show lyrics
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2. Strange World 06:05   Show lyrics
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3. Charlotte the Harlot 04:14   Show lyrics
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4. Killers 05:07   Show lyrics
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5. Prowler 03:57   Show lyrics
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6. Murders in the Rue Morgue 04:12   Show lyrics
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7. Running Free 03:14   Show lyrics
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8. Remember Tomorrow 05:24   Show lyrics
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9. Phantom of the Opera 06:53   Show lyrics
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10. Sanctuary 03:16   Show lyrics
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11. Women in Uniform 02:58   Show lyrics
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12. Iron Maiden 03:47   Show lyrics
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Miscellaneous staff
Lea Hart Producer
Lea Hart Producer
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48 track digital rerecordings of old Iron Maiden classics. Limited to 150 copies. Sold through the official site.

Produced by Lea Hart

Vocals: Paul DiAnno
Guitars: Mikael Fassberg, Carlo Michelitti, Steffan Osterlind, Antonio Amante, Lea Hart, Bill Liesegang
Bass Guitars: Matteo Panzavolta, Andreas Grufstedt
Drums: Gianluca, Johan helgessonm, Pete Jupp

Also released by Cargo Records in collaboration with Fallen Sky and Indiestructable Records in 2006 with slightly different cover artwork and no limitations.

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