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The Beast in the East

Paul Di'Anno

Live album
Release date:
August 1st, 2003
Catalog ID:
MMP VHS 0011
Metal Mind Productions
None yet
1. Transylvania   instrumental
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2. Wrathchild   Show lyrics
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3. Marshall Lockjaw   Show lyrics
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4. The Beast Arises   Show lyrics
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5. Murders in the Rue Morgue   Show lyrics
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6. Faith Healer  
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7. Killers   Show lyrics
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8. Dream Keeper  
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9. Remember Tomorrow   Show lyrics
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10. Impaler  
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11. Phantom of the Opera   Show lyrics
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12. Genghis Khan  
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13. Running Free   Show lyrics
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Recording information:

Tracks 01-13 recorded live at Studio Krzemionki in Kraków, Poland, April 10th 2003.
Tracks 14-18 (Bootlegged in Poland) recorded live at Proxima Club in Warsaw, April 9th, 2003.
Tracks 19-25 (Bootlegged in Norway) recorded live at Samfundet in Trondheim, February 15th, 2002, Kroa in Volda, February 14th, 2002, Parkbiografen in Skien, February 21st, 2002 and Folken in Stavanger, February 22nd, 2002.


Barcode: 5907785024120

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