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Paul Chain > Relative Tapes Vol. 5
Paul Chain - Relative Tapes Vol. 5

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Relative Tapes Vol. 5

Paul Chain

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Day Records Studio
None yet
Side A
1. Seasons of Love 07:00  
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2. Slow Swing 06:15  
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3. The Loser 08:03  
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4. Moonchild 01:20  
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5. Runaway 05:54  
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Side B
6. Slaves 10:13  
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7. Fiesta du Demon 12:03  
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8. Subliminal Messages 08:22  
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Paul Chain Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Alex Di Andrea Drums
Alexander Scardavian Bass
Roberto Jacomucci Bass
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Co-released with Paul Chain Official Fan Club

This is the fifth part of the "Relative Tapes" series. The first four tapes were released as an unique box set in 1992 by Day Records Studio in collaboration with Paul Chain Official Fan Club

Later released on the CD 5 of the "Relative Tapes on CD" by Quasar (2002)

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