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Nosferathu Sathanis

Paragon Belial

Release date:
October 21st, 2008
Catalog ID:
Bloodred Horizon Records
4 reviews (avg. 87%)
1. Nosferathu Sathanis 03:19   Show lyrics
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2. 666 Calling of the Dead 04:28   Show lyrics
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3. Goatspawn 06:33   Show lyrics
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4. Horus / Aggressor (Hellhammer cover) 04:15   Show lyrics
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5. Abomoth 04:24   Show lyrics
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6. Solemnize Me 04:06   Show lyrics
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7. Grimdozer 04:20   Show lyrics
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8. Necromancer 04:31   Show lyrics
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9. Black Metal United and Strong 02:40   Show lyrics
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Andras Bass, Vocals
Zahgurim Drums
Ralph Guitars
Read Black harmonies 79% Felix 1666 November 19th, 2015
Read Diabolical engine of hatred 80% autothrall October 26th, 2009
Read Sadomasochistic, blasphemic... 100% Phosphorous September 14th, 2009
Read Nosferathu Sathanis 88% Noctir May 11th, 2009

Recorded in April 2007.

CD released in 31.10.2008 by Bloodred Horizon Records, limitation unknown.
DDPCD released in 31.10.2008 by Bloodred Horizon Records entitled "Dying under the Wings Of Satan" with the first "Hordes of the Darklands" album as a bonus, limited to 1000 copies.
LP re-released 24.05.2009 by Bloodred Horizon Records with the original cover, heavy grade vinyl, an A2 size poster, 400 on black vinyl and 100 on red/black splatter vinyl, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

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