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Paradise Lost > Harmony Breaks
Paradise Lost - Harmony Breaks
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Gothic EP

Harmony Breaks

Paradise Lost

Release date:
June 9th, 1994
Catalog ID:
Video for Nations
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1. Intro (Deus Misereatur) 03:05  
  (loading lyrics...)
2. Desolate 01:50   instrumental
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3. Mortals Watch the Day 03:30   Show lyrics
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4. Joys of the Emptiness 04:35   Show lyrics
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5. Gothic 05:45   Show lyrics
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6. Your Hand in Mine 06:35   Show lyrics
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7. Widow 03:04   Show lyrics
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8. Pity the Sadness 05:02   Show lyrics
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9. As I Die 03:46   Show lyrics
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10. Eternal 03:46   Show lyrics
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11. Shallow Seasons 04:55   Show lyrics
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12. As I Die (promo video) 03:46   Show lyrics
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13. Pity the Sadness (promo video) 05:05   Show lyrics
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14. True Belief (promo video) 04:30   Show lyrics
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15. Embers Fire (promo video) 04:44   Show lyrics
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16. Outro (Sweetness)  
  (loading lyrics...)
Band members
Nick Holmes Vocals
Gregor Mackintosh Guitars
Aaron Aedy Guitars
Stephen Edmondson Bass
Matt Archer Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Simon Efemey Engineering (live sound)
Simon Efemey Engineering (live sound)
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Distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Rough Trade Distribution (distribution division of Rough Trade Records).

The title is a lyric from "Embers Fire".

Most of this VHS was re-released as part of the "Evolve" DVD in 2002.

Recording information:

Tracks 1-11 recorded on September 5th, 1993 at an "Icon" release-concert at The Longhorn in Stuttgart, Germany.
Tracks 12-15 are official promo videos.


Barcode: 5 016583 801311
Distributor Catalog #: RTD GAS 211.08135

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