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Pankreatite Necro Hemorragica > Filthy Body Spittoon
Pankreatite Necro Hemorragica - Filthy Body Spittoon
Pankreatite Necro Hemorragica discography (all)
3 Ways Splattering Blood

Filthy Body Spittoon

Pankreatite Necro Hemorragica

Release date:
Catalog ID:
SON-025 / CP-047
Version desc.:
Sonoros Records
None yet
1. 28 Seconds Agonising 00:45  
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2. Triple Amputee Sex 00:28  
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3. Intestine Ground, Vrushed Lunge and Twisting the Torso Violent 00:56  
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4. Corneas Exposed and Severely Erode by Advance Cancer 01:22  
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5. Pankreatite Necro Hemorragica 00:12  
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6. Fistfuck in Nunwhore Ass 02:22  
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7. Filthy Body Spittoon 00:32  
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8. Oral Sex Masturbation (Mucupurulent Cover) 02:03  
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9. Coagulated Blood Infect Left on the Face of the Fetus 00:04  
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10. Severe Explosion and Bleeding in Malignant Male Sexual Organ 02:19  
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11. Meatgrinder 00:55  
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12. Malignant Evithelial Tumor 01:24  
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Released in a partnership between Sonoros Records and Cauterized Productions.

Recording information:

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio SIMC (Piracicaba/SP/Brazil)
Recorded in January, 27, February 02 and 19 2009. Mixed and mastered in February/March 2009.

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