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Overkill > Power in Black
Overkill - Power in Black
Overkill discography (all)

Power in Black


Release date:
September 12th, 1983
Catalog ID:
6 reviews (avg. 82%)
Side A
1. Overkill 03:23   Show lyrics
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2. The Beast Within 04:05   Show lyrics
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3. There's No Tomorrow 03:25   Show lyrics
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Side B
4. Death Rider 03:50   Show lyrics
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5. Raise the Dead 03:13   Show lyrics
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-"Death Rider" appeared on the Metal Massacre V compilation in 1984.
-Most of the songs were written around 1982-1983 with the notable exceptions of "The Beast Within" and "Raise the Dead," which are both from 1981 when Rich Conte was in the band.
-"Dedicated to all the false faggot poser wimps of the clubs. Stick this tape up your ass."
-"Cartridge must not be left exposed to direct sunlight, or else it will get fucked up. Leave in player when not in use."

Recording information:

Recorded March-Sept, 1983. " two shitholes, Staten Island NY and Sterling NJ".

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