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Fight Ambition to Kill


Release date:
July 26th, 1997
Catalog ID:
Edison 007
Edison Recordings
None yet
1. Apocalypse upon Us 04:21   Show lyrics
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2. Spun 03:11   Show lyrics
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3. Filter of Syntax 02:54   Show lyrics
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4. Styrofoam Death Machine 03:57  
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5. Your (Destructive) Self 03:56   Show lyrics
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6. More Metal than Your Ma's Kettle 02:59   Show lyrics
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7. Seven ft. Grin 04:20   Show lyrics
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8. Dousing This Flame 04:21   Show lyrics
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9. Forecast 06:13   Show lyrics
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Recording information:

ecorded at Fort Apache, Cambridge, MA. May 24-26, June 14-15, July 2.
Mixed at Carriage House Studios, Stamford, CT. July 28-31.
Mastered on August 6 1997 at Wave View Digital Editing.

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