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Orodruin > Unburying an Ancient Evil > 2018, 12" vinyl, New Era Productions (Limited edition)
Orodruin - Unburying an Ancient Evil
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Unburying an Ancient Evil


Release date:
April 29th, 2018
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
New Era Productions
12" vinyl
None yet
1. Only the Purest Blood... 05:25  
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2. Channeling Elemental Evil 03:44  
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3. Martinets of the Night 03:42  
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4. Solitary Misanthropy 04:05  
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5. A Cruel Legacy of Hate 03:22  
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Original line-up
Band members
Yrch Guitars, Bass, Vocals
The Specter Drums
Miscellaneous staff
JDW Death My Only Friend Cover art
Original line-up
Yrch Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Original line-up
The Specter Drums
Original line-up
JDW Death My Only Friend Cover art
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Limitation undisclosed.

Recording information:

"Recorded in total solitude during the sobering winter months of early 2017".
Drums recorded in The Devil's Barn; all other instruments recorded in the Accursed Retreat; vocals were added during deepest rituals at The Lone Enclave.

Remastered for vinyl.

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