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Manifesto barbarico

Orgiastic Pleasures

Release date:
November 1st, 2014
Catalog ID:
NBP 002
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Nightbreaker Productions
300 copies
None yet
1. La terra vi sia greve 03:52   Show lyrics
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2. Wargiastic Deathstorm 03:09   Show lyrics
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3. Vomit on the Crucifix 03:00   Show lyrics
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4. Madre rabbia 01:00   Show lyrics
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5. Sottomissione 03:13   Show lyrics
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6. ...and the Gates of Hell Opened 03:43   Show lyrics
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7. Traditori al rogo 04:08   Show lyrics
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8. Weltschlacht / Beyond the Black Dawn 06:16   Show lyrics
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9. Manifesto barbarico 04:29   Show lyrics
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10. Intro / L'infame stirpe 04:37   Show lyrics
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11. Warhammer of Supremacy 02:26   Show lyrics
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12. Blessed in Necromancy 02:29   Show lyrics
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Ripping Blade Drums
Necrotyrant Jotun Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Bass
General Sadik Bass
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Recording information:

Manifesto Barbarico was inflicted upon this putrid world through various assaults conducted at Massive Arts Studio (Milan) , Avatara (Milan), and Alarm Studio (Turin) Between summer 2008 and autumn 2013.

Finalized and mastered at Alarm Studio in December 2013.

The bonus tracks were recorded live , mixed very roughly and never retouched since during a 4 hour session at massive arts studio in summer 2008.-originally intended as a contribution for a split with Zygoatsis, but never came out due to the incompetence of the involved label- and represent the first manifestation of the perverted trinity that went on to record this album, and released here for the very first time.

cover artwork Mario Lopez
layout by Satanic Weredolphin

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