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Ordem Satânica > Submissão Total
Ordem Satânica - Submissão Total

Ordem Satânica discography (misc)
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Submissão Total

Ordem Satânica

Release date:
March 8th, 2018
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Signal Rex
2 cassettes
100 copies
None yet
Tape 1
Side A
1. Obcecados pelo Bode 06:23  
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2. Servus Sathanas 04:50  
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3. Tal como no Principio agora e sempre Satanás 05:25  
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Side B
4. A Maior de todas as calamidades 08:09  
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5. A Queda do Homem 05:53  
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Tape 2
Side A
1. Submissão às Trevas 15:33  
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Side B
2. Submissão às Trevas 15:17  
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A compilation cassette set, with older recordings never released! Comes with 12 pages booklet, featuring lyrics and an alternative interview made by Jan Dee from Raw War Zine (Fin). Limited to 100 pieces, on smoky dark cassettes housed on a side by side cassette jewel case.

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