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Orategod > With Love from Sinister
Orategod - With Love from Sinister
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With Love from Sinister


Release date:
September 4th, 2012
Catalog ID:
Charred Remains Records
None yet
1. Chamber ov the Veils (In Abiegnis Chamber) 03:20  
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2. Hoor Triumvirate 02:57  
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3. The Anthem ov Teitan 02:50  
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4. Full ov Shade Virtues 03:07  
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5. Opening the Portal of Divinity 03:27  
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6. Origin ov Charm 02:38  
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7. Ohpion Court's 03:09  
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8. Celebration ov Tradition 02:53  
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Produced by Orategod & Charred Remains Records.

Cover art by Carlos Aguilar and Black Shadows Tatoo Art.

Recording information:

Recorded and mastered at Sonic Box studios - 2010 Santiago de Chile.
Session guitars recorded in Cadaver Inc. studios.

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