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Opvs Leviathan / Assur > Dark Reborn of Frozen Souls
Opvs Leviathan / Assur - Dark Reborn of Frozen Souls
Opvs Leviathan discography (all)

Dark Reborn of Frozen Souls

Opvs Leviathan / Assur

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Mighty Hordes Productions
666 copies
None yet
1. Opvs Leviathan - Soulmoon Prevails Eternally 12:28  
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2. Opvs Leviathan - En La P├ílida Esfera 04:00  
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3. Opvs Leviathan - Igne Natvra Renovatvr Integra 09:55  
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4. Opvs Leviathan - Crossing the Paths in the Universal Night 08:05  
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5. Opvs Leviathan - In the Distant Shine His Light 05:45  
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6. Opvs Leviathan - Entrance in the Dawning Black Sun 10:05  
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7. Assur - Passage of a Kingdom Lost in Time 08:36  
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8. Assur - Pagan Night 09:16  
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9. Assur - Around the Flaming Black Candle 05:45  
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10. Assur - Through the Shine of the Waterfall 04:49  
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Andres Cardona All instruments
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Produced by Mighty Hordes Productions
All nature photos and design concept by Kaosvision Dark Logisctics

Opvs Leviathan credits:
All music composed by Opvs Leviathan

Assur credits:
All music composed by Assur

Recording information:

All tracks was recorded in 2002 era bulgaris.


- Matrix Code: MHP-001 D055 23-10-03/01
- Matering SID Code: IFPI L034
- Mould SID Code: IFPI W802

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