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Live at Colonia Dignidad

Opium Warlords

Release date:
November 25th, 2009
Catalog ID:
Cobra Records
None yet
1. Soon Be Here, Prince of Sleep 08:36   Show lyrics
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2. Return to the Source 13:02   Show lyrics
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3. Let It Pour, Let It Pour 14:29   Show lyrics
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4. Suck My Spear, Servant of Satan 07:16   instrumental
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5. Feel the Funeral Breeze 17:04   Show lyrics
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6. Feel the Strength 02:51   instrumental
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7. Overwhelm Me, Black Sorrow 08:11   Show lyrics
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8. Meet Me at the Iron Place 05:20   Show lyrics
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9. Support the Satanic Youth 00:05   Show lyrics
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Despite the title, this is not a live album. The title was partially inspired by post-punk band The Fall's debut album Live at the Witch Trials.

"Colonia Dignidad" (:~"Dignified Colony") was the location of a secluded cult in Chile, South America.

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