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Ophidian Forest > Redbad
Ophidian Forest - Redbad
Ophidian Forest discography (main)
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Ophidian Forest

Release date:
December 2007
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition, CD-R
50 copies
None yet
1. A Herald on Silver Wings 07:56   Show lyrics
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2. Savage Day Rising 04:36   Show lyrics
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3. Shamanic Visions 06:38   Show lyrics
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4. The Ophidian Amulet 06:40   Show lyrics
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5. The Poisoning 04:55   instrumental
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6. Pagan Pride in Hell 06:40   Show lyrics
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7. Talisman of Fate 10:54   Show lyrics
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8. Thor Rides over Dokkum 06:27   Show lyrics
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9. The Desecration of Fositesland 11:20   Show lyrics
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Band members
Otrebor Drums
Zaragil Guitars, Bass
Amalgamoth Vocals, Keyboards
Miscellaneous staff
Jack Shirley Mastering
Otrebor Drums
Zaragil Guitars, Bass
Amalgamoth Vocals, Keyboards
Jack Shirley Mastering
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Handnumbered copies.

Re-released on cassette tape with different artwork and extra tracks, July 2009 limited to 50 handnumbered copies.

Re-released on CD in a A5 DVD case with insert and full color artwork on November 2009 by Ziekte Records limited to 200 copies.

There is a tenth track "The Poisoning II" merged with "The Desecration of Fositesland", and after a silent pause it comes as a reprise of instrumental track 5 called "The Poisoning", but this time with vocals. The lyrics are from a well-known Bryan Ferry song called "Let's Stick Together", which was in turn a reworking of a song by Canned Heat called "Let's Work Together".

Total playing time is 66:06

Recording information:

Recorded in 2006-2007.
Mastered at the Atomic Garden studios in Palo Alto USA.

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