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Omen > Hellstorms Insurrection
Omen - Hellstorms Insurrection
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Congregation of Evil

Hellstorms Insurrection


Release date:
February 26th, 2011
Catalog ID:
cut 216
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Depressive Illusions Records
66 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Invoking the Unseen Strength  
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2. Eternal Towards Infernal  
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3. The Devil Incarnate [revisited]  
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4. Hellstorms Insurrection  
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Side B
5. Wrath of the Black Witchery [remastered]  
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6. Into Diabolical Ancientness [remastered]  
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7. My Oath for Thee (Langsuyr cover)  
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8. Those Within the Shadows  
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Ea'zuud Bass
Ma'indjinngorka Drums
Nathias Guitars
Iffritt Guitars
Ajjal Vocals
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Tracks 1 - 4: Taken from "Invoking The Unseen Strength" Promo CD 2011 (released by Hellcult Propaganda on 25th March 2011 limited 21 copies)
Tracks 5 - 8: Taken from untitled Promo CD 2009 (self-released limited 33 copies, sold out. For this tape, tracks 5 & 6 are remastered version in 2010).

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