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Olocausto > Chicks Massacre
Olocausto - Chicks Massacre
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Resurrection in Flesh
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Sadistic Violation of Human Rights

Chicks Massacre

Olocausto / Kancoride

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Avis Odia Records
None yet
1. Kancoride - Troia  
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2. Kancoride - Affranto nel ricordare...  
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3. Kancoride - L'inferno e lei  
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4. Kancoride - Il mio amore, il mio furore  
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5. Kancoride - Cadavere al femminile  
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6. Olocausto - Porn Submission  
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7. Olocausto - Violent Cumshots  
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8. Olocausto - Cock Addicted Whore  
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9. Olocausto - La sua meritata fine  
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10. Olocausto - Alternative Girls, Die!  
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11. Olocausto - Vorrei vederti morire cosi  
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12. Olocausto - Nel mirino ho solo lei  
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Dario Vocals
Mammo Bass
Ferrara Guitars
Jaron Drums
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Song titles in English:
1. Whore
2. Shattered in the Remembrance
3. She is the Hell
4. My Love, My Rage
5. Female Corpse
9. Her Well-Deserved End
11. I Would Like To See You Die Like This
12. I Have Only Her In Sight

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