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Old Man Gloom - Euro Friends
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Christmas Eve I & II + 6
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Christmas Eve I & II + 6

Euro Friends

Old Man Gloom

Release date:
August 20th, 2002
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
CD-R, limited edition
Tortuga Recordings
60 copies
None yet
1. The Omen 00:26  
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2. Skull of Geronimo 00:35  
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3. Radio Crackle Spills Down My Face 01:32   instrumental
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4. Hot Salvation 03:08  
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5. Sweeping Shot of the Jungle 01:36  
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6. Meditations in B (Condensed) 07:37  
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Caleb Scofield (R.I.P. 2018) Bass, Vocals
Santos Montano Drums
Nate Newton Guitars, Vocals
Aaron Turner Guitars, Vocals
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Compilation of two previously released tracks, a pre-production demo from the then upcoming "Christmas Eve I & II + 6' EP", two noise interludes, and a "remix" of the entire debut album. This condensed track is 6:13 of silence, followed by brief successive snippets of each track from "Meditations In B".

Limited to 60 hand-numbered copies. Originally given to personal friends, distros, and labels as a thank you gift for helping the band on their first European tour.

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