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None More Black

Old Forest

Release date:
July 2014
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition, Digipak
D.T.M. Productions
1 review (avg. 80%)
1. The Conjouring of Mephistopheles 06:13  
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2. Death of the Ritualist 08:06  
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3. Psychoactive Satan 04:16   instrumental
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4. ThunderMoon 03:22  
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5. Depleting Beauty 03:26  
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6. Cast into Silent Waters 04:53  
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7. Run with the Wolves 03:39  
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8. The Curse 03:23   instrumental
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Beleth Guitars, Bass
Kobold Vocals, Keyboards, Drums (as Grond)
Read Keep The Black Flame Burning! 80% NintendoBuzz July 7th, 2014

Originally recorded 14 years ago, never release until now (2014). This was a direct impact due to the band going on a hiatus which stretched for 7 years. The band has claimed that the masters were ceremonially buried in the depths of the New Forest, Hampshire. Unable to find the burial site, the band manged to restore the original stereo mixes which have been packaged in a Ltd edition digipack which were individually numbered and hand stamped with the Old Forest vambraced armoured arm. Those that pre-ordered the album were supposedly emailed a PDF, which contained a map of the suspected burial location.

Recording information:

Recorded and produced by Old Forest.
Originally recorded during Winter '99 - Spring 2000.

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