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October Flame / Morgh > October Flame & Morgh
October Flame / Morgh - October Flame & Morgh
October Flame discography (misc)
A Suicidal Soul Buried by Cosmic Dust
October Flame discography (all)
< Embrace the Nightsky
A Suicidal Soul Buried by Cosmic Dust
Morgh discography (misc)
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Morgh discography (all)
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Absorbed, Enticed, Deceived

October Flame & Morgh

October Flame / Morgh

Release date:
February 1st, 2011
Catalog ID:
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1. October Flame - Intro   instrumental
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2. October Flame - A Suicial Soul Burried by Cosmic Dust  
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3. October Flame - Interlude   instrumental
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4. October Flame - May Demons Carry You to Your Grave  
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5. October Flame - The Soul That Mourns  
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6. Morgh - To Hell... (Transition)   instrumental
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7. Morgh - Beyond Grey Stones  
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8. Morgh - Glory Am I pt.I  
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9. Morgh - Free! (Old 2008 track)  
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10. Morgh - Glory Am I pt.II  
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October Flame
J.S Bass
Svarog Vocals, Guitars
Mourning Soul Drums
Jinrith Guitars
V Vocals, Guitars, Drums
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V (Morgh) had performed all keyboard parts as a session member of October Flame. Also apart from O.F. recording at a California studio, all tracks were mixed and mastered by V at his private studio including the recording of the Morgh side of the split.

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